Clint and Dorothy Morgan are raising five little Texans in Sugar Land.


Clint and Dorothy Morgan are raising five little Texans in Sugar Land.

life before Texas.

Clint and Dorothy weren’t born in Texas, but they got here as fast as they could.

Clint was born and raised in rural southeastern Missouri, the son of families who had been in America for centuries. Dorothy was born and raised in Los Angeles, the daughter of refugees who escaped the Communist genocide in Cambodia just a few years before her birth.

Clint went to Claremont McKenna College, in Claremont, California—currently ranked #6 nationally in U.S. News & World Reports’ rankings of liberal arts colleges—where he met Dorothy in 2001. They both majored in Government, specializing in the American Founding and political philosophy. After getting married in 2005, they moved to northern Virginia and worked for homeland security contractors.

Gone to Texas.

Finally in 2007 their story really got started when they moved to Austin and enrolled at UT. Clint graduated law school, with honors, in 2010, and Dorothy earned an M.A. in Government, an M.S. in Statistics, and, in 2012, a Ph.D. in Government.

After law school, while Dorothy was still a student, Clint worked for two years at the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin. He was a law clerk and then a research attorney for Judge Paul Womack. Judge Womack’s approach to the law had a profound impact on Clint:

  • to treat every case without preconceptions of what the result should be
  • to read the law in its plain terms without imposing his personal policy preferences on it, and
  • to describe the law as simply and succinctly as possible.

This approach has shaped Clint’s legal philosophy to this day.

suburban dad.

In 2012 Clint became an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County and they moved to Houston. Dorothy worked for The Harris Center—the largest mental health provider in Texas—until she started her own statistical consulting business in 2014. They moved to Sugar Land in 2017 and have five children (#5 was just born in March 2023). Dorothy keeps busy by being the COO of a biotech startup, running her consulting business, and being a homeschool mom. 

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